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Beat your bookmaker with these strategies

Beat Your Bookmaker With These Strategies

Although people say that sports betting is an easy way of making money, being a professional bettor requires more than pure luck and enjoyment in sports.

To make some money by sports betting, be very knowledgeable (about sports and different statistical tools), intuitive, updated and always one step before bookmakers.


Know that bookmakers are very tough, but not unbeatable opponents.

They have a big number of professionals who work for them, whose job is practically to avoid any kind of unpleasant surprise (for example you’re finding value bets, winning bets and making a respectable amount of money).

To do that, they ensure that they always have new information that could change the possibility of a certain outcome combined with the analysis of historical data.

Professionals with large monitors in front of them, thousands of numbers and information sound pretty difficult to deal with, right? Difficult, but not impossible. Definitely not impossible.


Professional betters are those who turned their passion into the career, who win on a regular base.

It seems impossible to beat bookmakers every time, but professionals can ensure they get some kind of return almost every time. Try to find a balance between risk and profit.

You usually need to choose between two main strategies: being a patient researcher and wait for a decent return in a long term, or placing wagers on risky bets to win higher rewards in a short time.

No one can tell you that either strategy will lead to secure profit because then, that wouldn’t be called ‘taking chances‘ and bookmakers wouldn’t exist at all.


One of the most important things for bettors to have the feeling they are in front of the bookmakers is to always bet with won money.

When you use money from your bank accounts and the amount of money that you reserved for households, you realize that you feel horrible because you let bookmakers control your finances.

Besides this, bet online because it gives you more options, more time to decide, so that way you have higher chances of winning against bookmakers. A very useful tip for beating bookies is to specialize in sports and ensure that you are always well-informed.

There is nothing better than being prepared and doing homework to win in the upcoming situation.

A deeper specialization is necessary for popular sports such as football. Being an expert in a certain league, for example, Lithuanian, Greek, Bulgarian and so on, gives you a great advantage.

If you are a fan and some kind of expert in a not that much popular sport, further specialization is unnecessary.


Wait for bookmakers to fail in predicting and putting odds.

because they rely on teams or player’s current situations without noticing important things such as injuries, motivation, mutual relations, and so on.

Bookmakers want you to use accumulators, so if you have just a little money and you want to win higher profit, predict the big number of outcomes. If you predict 15 outcomes, for you to lose because even though they are all favorites, there is a chance that one of them loses.

Therefore, you have to search for value bets and occasionally down out of accumulators. Opening more accounts when betting online can be very useful. That could bring you more bonuses, free bets, and special offers.

You should have all these tips and strategies and tips in mind when you’re betting. They could turn you into serious bettor, and ensure you some decent profit in the long run. 

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