How To Find The Most Reliable Soccer Tipster In The Soccer Betting World?

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Placing bets is never an easy process, especially when it comes to soccer. With several changes happening in the squad due to injuries, manager preferences, suspensions and other such reasons, placing a bet can be confusing and difficult. However, the presence of reliable and accurate tips from tipsters helps make this easier.
But just choosing one of the known reliable soccer tipsters is not enough to guarantee betting success. The punter needs to have complete faith in the tipster even if initially the punter does not win in any betting event. Only when a punter keeps a consistent association with a tipster and places his trust in the same will he eventually be successful and start winning betting events.



Who Are The Most Reliable Soccer Tipsters?

The internet is crowded with tipsters. While some are highly experienced and successful, there are several who are not. Some tipsters also set up fraudulent websites with the intention of duping punters and collecting money. These should be avoided at all costs. Some of the most reliable punters who also have a long list of successes in soccer betting and can be trusted immensely for gaining secure and safe bets are:

  • Betfame: They are famous for their Europa League and Champions League predictions. They offer a trial period so punters can judge the effectiveness of their predictions and then take up a paid subscription from them.
  • Footballer Tips: This soccer tipster is a stern believer that tips consist of a mixture of:
    A higher ROI with low striking rates
    A lower ROI with higher striking rates
    They offer only paid services. Punters availing need to make monthly payments for their services.
  • Handicap PRO: They are the best tipsters to bet in events of the handicap market. They believe in developing a long-term strategy and improving it almost every day. They analyse the form and strategies of the underdog to enable punters to get winning tips and predictions.
  • Sportsprediction.asia: This tipster has been on a consistent roll for the past few months. Its performance board shows an annual strike rate of 47% that makes predictions of this tipster, highly effective and accurate. They make their predictions based on the match previews and historical data available to come up with a winning strategy for the punter.
  • @FootyAccums: It is well known for the strong connections it maintains with leading bookies of the UK soccer betting market. It also has a handy app with an easy-to-use interface for both registered and guest tipsters. Thus @FootyAccums is one of the most reliable soccer tipsters and source for predictions and tips.

How Are The Most Reliable Tipsters Chosen?

The above tipsters are chosen based on certain criteria. They are:

  • Knowledge: A comprehensive knowledge of the game of football is a mandatory requirement for being able to make soccer betting predictions and offer betting tips.
  • Strike rate: Good tipsters have a relatively high but not too higher strike rate. The acceptable strike rate of a tipster website is above 90% but less than 100%.
  • Reviews: While genuine tipsters put up both positive and negative reviews on their website, fraudulent ones will only have glowing reviews that indicate a 100% strike rate. This is impossible since no tipster can be 100% correct in all his predictions. Thus checking for reviews to find if they are acceptable is another criterion that determines selection into the final list of top reliable tipsters.
  • Inside connections: While a fraudulent tipster tries to draw the attention of the punter claiming that he has inside connections, a genuine and reliable one will never boast of it. Reliable soccer tipsters will only hint at it and let their predictions do the talking.
  • Mathematics: Most tipsters use mathematics betting strategies to break soccer-betting odds thereby enabling the punter to win. However, only reliable tipsters will display the workings behind the predictions.

Reliable tipsters, like www.verifiedsoccertipsters.com , will never offer a guarantee for success at soccer betting. The outcome of a bet is always based on an element of chance or luck. Thus, such tipsters who offer a success guarantee never make reliable tipsters.

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