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Punters need to access several resources to make an effective wager consistently. Some of the resources a punter needs to access include odds, probabilities, return to player, betting strategy, fixture lists, player statistics, past performances, type of betting market, and more. To make a wager, a punter must compile information from each resource and then analyze the data.

SBOTOP launched SBOTOP magazine, a punter’s best online resource for online gambling. SBOTOP magazine helps punters make better wagers by compiling the information for them. A punter saves resources by shifting their time and effort from accessing and verifying data to only making wagers. Most punters are currently accessing SBOTOP magazine rate the online platform as the best online gambling resource for punters in Asia, Europe, and across the globe.

SBOTOP Sportsbook

SBOTOP was launched in 2004 and started as one of the earliest online gambling websites with licenses to operate in Asia. Both platforms are owned and used by Celton Manx. While SBOTOP (Previoulsy known as Sbobet) became a sportsbook, the company has grown in operations to include sponsorship deals with Leeds United football club, Westham United, Norwich City, St. Patricks, Cardiff City, and other teams. SBOTOP sponsors teams playing in Asia, such as Mohun Bagan. Mohun Bagan was formerly ATK Mohun Bagan, an Atletico Madrid-owned team.

SBOTOP and SBOBET provide betting services, financial betting, sports betting, horse racing, Esports betting, news, and gambling content. Since both platforms give punters access to betting features, information, and services, they launched the magazine to provide punters access to reliable content in a single location. Moreover, the platform also incentivizes punters to win real money while accessing the online SBOTOP magazine.

SBOTOP Magazine

SBOTOP launched a magazine for both SBOTOP and SBOBET members to access. The online magazine is updated with content every day with content related to different sporting events, casino games, online slot games, horse racing events, betting strategies, betting tips, Esports events, and more.

SBOTOP also launched a dedicated magazine for the Malaysian audience called SBOTOP magazine Malaysia. Punters in Asia and Malaysia can choose to access either or both magazine platforms. Each online magazine is curated to suit a punter’s betting needs based on demographics, betting preferences, access to markets, use of multiple currencies, betting styles, and several betting events.



Contents of SBOTOP Magazine

Within SBOTOP magazine, punters can access multiple resources based on the sections the magazine is divided into. The magazine is divided into home, the betting expert, sports events, casino games, slot games, Esports, and soccer predictions to make it easier for punters.

1. Sbotop Magazine Home

The home or the first page is the landing page all punters reach when searching for the SBOTOP magazine on any search engine such as Google, Bing, Safari, or Brave. The home page posts the latest articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, and events so punters can stay up-to-date with the latest in betting events.

2. Betting Expert

Betting expert is a section dedicated to helping novice and professional punters make hedged wagers based on as much information as possible. The betting expert section is periodically updated based on recent matches, tournaments, and events covered by SBOTOP magazine. Events can cover football tournaments, hockey leagues, Esports events, poker tournaments, and other mainstream and remote betting events.

3. Sports Events

The sports betting section is dedicated to all things related to sports and sports betting. Punters can access the latest news, reviews, strategies, odds, predictions, line-ups, and more with sports betting on SBOTOP magazine. SBOTOP magazine also covers various sports and sports betting events such as football, rugby, basketball, baseball, boxing, Esports, golf, tennis, and over 40 other types of sporting events.

4. Casino games

Punters can access casino games and casino betting content on the SBOTOP magazine. The magazine does an in-depth review of several popular casino betting games such as poker, keno, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, etc. Casino players and punters can adapt and test different betting strategies, access tournaments with high prize pools, higher betting limits, and learn other types of casino games.

5. Slot Games

Punters can access and play several slot games online. However, without enough information on the game, a punter may not utilize every resource available to succeed. SBOTOP magazine compiles information on popular slot games provided by various online providers such as return to player (RTP), type of slot games, game bonuses, in-game rewards, popular gaming lists, and more.

6. Esports

SBOTOP magazine also covers Esports and Esports betting events from across the globe. Fans and punters can access the latest leagues, odds, reviews, rankings, statistics, and tournament information online. Bettors and fans can access gaming content such as DOTA 2, CS: GO, Fortnite, PUBG, Valorant, FIFA, and more.

7. Soccer Predictions

Punters can access soccer prediction with the advantage of winning real money in the process. The projections are published for free and updated regularly. Predictions published in soccer prediction on SBOTOP magazine feature a high strike and accuracy rate.

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