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The Bookmaker That Offers Betting Losses Rebate

The Bookmaker That Offers Betting Losses Rebate

The Rescuebet rebate promotion is almost unique in the industry.

All bookmakers offer promotions designed to attract customers to choose their site over rivals companies.

These offers are broadly similar, and there is not much between a lot of the top betting sites.

However, one promotion offered by a sports betting site has caught our eye here at Bookmakerbot.

Those who sign up for an account with Rescuebet can receive a rebate on some of their betting losses.

Here is everything you need to know about the Rescuebet rebate.


How does the Rescuebet rebate work?

The Rescuebet rebate is open to those players who become eligible for the site’s VIP program.

All players have to do to become a Rescuebet VIP is to deposit funds into their account. The more money put in means they will move up the ranks from the first step, Red, up to the top one, which is Platinum.

The Rescuebet rebate is available on sports betting, as well as online slots and the live casino. But for this article, we will focus only on the sports betting rebate that is offered by Rescuebet.

Red membership, the first rung on the ladder of the VIP scheme offered by the bookmaker, has a five percent rebate offered to customers. This rebate is capped at the $1000 mark.

Moving up to silver membership and the rebate offered by Rescuebet climbs to eight percent. At this level, the amount of Rescuebet rebate that can be paid back is capped at $1800.

Players at gold membership get an 11 percent sports betting rebate. You will not have any limits on the possible rebates available once you have reached this level of the VIP program.

Lucky enough to make it to the top and become a platinum member at Rescuebet? Again, there is no cap on the rebate, which is 15 percent at this level.


Why is the Rescuebet rebate so good for players?

Losing is inevitable when sports betting, as it is so difficult to pick winners regularly.

Being able to receive a rebate from Rescuebet is, therefore, a great way to get cashback in your pocket.

You might have a bad month with your sports bets, but at least get some money returned to your account.

Not only is the Rescuebet rebate offered on sports bets. It is also in effect for the live casino and online slots tool.

This means that if you do not want to bet on sports one day, you can try out the different options at Rescuebet.

You might not win, but even if you lose, you can benefit from the rebate if you are in the VIP scheme on the site.


Other perks offered by Rescuebet

As well as the rebate, players can get a birthday bonus of up to $100. Again, you must be a Rescuebet VIP to receive this perk.

To get to the top level of the VIP program, this is what you need to do. Deposit $12001 and above
into your Rescuebet account within 90 days.

Then, the rebate will be automatically paid back into your balance!

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